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Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan pizza is credited as being the original Italian pizza; characterized by its thin, slightly crispy texture, Neapolitan pizzas must meet a very specific set of requirements in order to truly be considered an authentic Neapolitan.

Preparation and Cooking Time: 60 minutes

Serves: 6


  • Shop-bought pizza dough – or follow our own recipe for delicious pizza dough
  • 2 finely chopped garlic cloves
  • 3-4 large basil leaves cut into strips
  • 2 small thinly-sliced tomatoes
  • 1 can peeled whole Italian tomatoes
  • 100g shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 2 tablespoons parmesan cheese
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Shape the dough into a pizza crust shape.
  2. Drizzle the olive oil over the pizza dough. Use a brush to spread it around, not forgetting to cover the crust!
  3. Put the canned tomatoes through a food processor until a chunky liquid is formed. Spread evenly over the pizza dough.
  4. Next, disperse the finely chopped garlic evenly.
  5. Scatter the mozzarella cheese over the pizza, remember keep it thin.
  6. Place the thinly sliced tomatoes across the pizza. Lightly salt and pepper the tomatoes to taste.
  7. Spread the fresh basil leaves on top.
  8. Add a little Parmesan cheese and place in your Wood Fired Oven to bake until the crust is brown and blistered in places, and the cheese on top is bubbly – delicious!
Neapolitan Pizza